How To Deal With Online Surveys

I started with <Online Surveys> a few months back, dreaming that I will be flooded with lots surveys to fill out every day. But reality is, you will have to wait and login to the <Online Survey company> to check if there are surveys available. And I also found that some companies are rather dormant when it comes to sending or getting surveys for the members to fill out, perhaps they are not very active in getting surveys consistently. So if you are relying on Online Surveys to make a living, please think carefully, but continue reading below to find out how you can still make some part time money.

Survey companies - Some of the Survey companies which I found consistent were GlobalTestMarket and Planet Pulse, these two companies sends you 3 - 4 surveys per month each to your email. And these 2 companies pays quite high for surveys too. Of course the number of surveys received also depends on whether the survey relates to your country and profile or not.

How to increase Online Survey Income - Some people join lots of online survey companies with the hope that they will have a steady stream of surveys to fillout. This can and does work. Another proven way is to constantly update your profile, when you do this, Survey Companies are able to match your latest profile with the requirement of their customer and thus invites you to participate in the survey.

Be quick – Remember surveys are open to many people around the world. To be able to participate in it, you need to be diligent in opening your emails to check if there are new surveys to fill out. Surveys do close very quickly, especially for popular Survey companies.

Do not lie – Survey companies are very good at detecting if you are lying or not. Survey questions are designed to note your opinion and at the same time countercheck if you are consistent in your answers. Some people for the sake of wanting to complete the surveys, would lie. So please be genuine when giving your opinion. If you lie, it would only cause the Survey company to lose future surveys from their customers.

Be active in referring and recommending – Referring others is the best way to ascertain constant flow of income. Though some surveys are not targeted for you, but they may be suitable for your referrals. So when they fill out the surveys, points can be added to yours. So do write blogs or invite friends through emails to join you in Online Surveys.

Expose yourself – You will find that after completing some surveys, you tend to be more sensitive to your surroundings when you go shopping. Expose yourself to what’s happening around you and to new products out there in the market. Attend product launches and road-shows. All these will help you to complete the surveys better.

Persistence – Do not give up and enjoy completing surveys. Your opinion matters and don’t just do it for the sake of money. But rather think of it as spare income. Your effort and time will be rewarded when the cheque comes.


  1. Hello friend,
    I have received many offers to participate in paid online survey, but I have never responded.
    This is the kind of information that I have been looking for.

    Thank you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect. I have also followed your informative blog.

    Let's keep in touch.

  2. Hi Carlo, thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Nizam, it is tough when you have to try Online surveys from a scratch. Do join Global Test Market and Planet Pulse, these 2 companies will not let you down, and you can have fun filling it (Lenovo, Samsung & many other brand surveys).

  4. Nice site broo,keep it new information for me ,also I would like to say thanks for joining To be follower ,I replayed also already.thanks have nice a day

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  6. Hi Dodo and Panda, thanks for visiting, wish you guys all the best when trying out Online surveys too.

  7. useful tips a lot of info..thanks for sharing...

  8. You are welcome Sapsubullahatta

  9. Thank you ,I have been doing surveys for years.
    and your right! but unless you are doing it 24 hours a day your not going to get rich.
    I have been able to make about three eights to
    one third of my monthly income in the past
    this is great part time money!

  10. Hi Robert, yeap, any amount of income is a blessing. Can help cover petrol/fuel or some utility bills. It is also the joy of our opinion being heard. Hehe.


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