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Online Surveys

Gone are the days where Surveys are only done by people on the streets or when you had to fill up a Survey form in a shopping center. These days surveys are done in the comforts of your home in front of the PC.

Some survey company would even give you money or vouchers for completing surveys online. With the ever increasing number of computer users and people who are Internet savvy, we find that more and more people join Online Surveys to make some spare money (money for parking, petrol, etc) and the numbers keeps increasing.

Some of the advantages in using Online Surveys to earn extra dollars is that, you are not limited by surveys in one country but able to do international surveys. The money you earn can be paid to you via Paypal or other means. And some survey companies even allows you to recruit friends and family members under you, you will then be able to increase your earnings many folds, truly a good form of passive income.

The frustrating thing about Online survey is, it is tough looking for good survey companies who really pays you for the surveys that you have completed. I personally joined so many companies to find that some are quite inactive in sending you surveys. I come to the conclusion that you should look for companies who are active in getting surveys for their members to fill, hope that they don’t have too many members (you will see that everytime the survey is closed, due to enough participants).

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Blogs allows you to express yourself and you can share views, pictures or videos from it. And of late we see many people using Blogs to makes bring in some income. Mainly through advertisements in your blog. So before you can have advertisers wanting to put an Ad in your blog, you got to increase the number of visitors coming to your Blog.

You can create Blogs without having to pay. Think of a topic (prefabably something you have interest in and can talk about it for hours and hours), keep in mind the theme of your Blog. Choose a name for your blog, a name where your visitors can remember eventhough they forgot the Link. Then let your creative juice flow, be expressive.

In order to be able to make good money out of your Blog, you have to enjoy writing and presenting your Blog. I can't think of any other ways that one can make money effectively than enjoying what they are doing. Furthermore you need to be regular in posting something for your audience to read. So enjoy the ride of doing up your blog. In time you will have visitors and followers to your blog (hehe, speaking to myself as well).

Once you have a steady stream of traffic, you can explore the various advertising companies and other means of bringing in income. So, set aside some time in a day or week to post something. Enjoy the initial silence period of blogging. Make new friends through Blog Communities, create links to some other blogs for interesting and related stuff. Each link you put in or post you write, will give you a better chance of being detected by Search Engines. Have an interesting name for your post, hmmm and just keep writing.

Since I am still new at this, I will be updating this page as I go on, afterall it is a journey. I shall share whatever that I find helpful and will hope to learn from others out there too. I believe in learning together and growing together with others.

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