Giving and Sharing

Some of you might think it weird for this post or topic. You may think, “Hey DC, I am here to get rich and accumulate more, how can I achieve much by giving what I have?” But here I am not just writing about Money. Money is just one aspect.

Have you come across some people who will not share anything with you? If there was a good bargain or deal, he would be the first to get it but he will not tell you, lest you beat him to it and get what should be his. Or during school when you struggled some Mathematics question and you asked this friend who happens to finish his questions, but he tells you ‘I am sorry I can’t teach you because I don’t know how to do it’ because he is afraid that you will be smarter than him?

Some of us may have a misconception of sharing or giving. They think that you need to be really rich in order to give, or you need to be really good in order to share. Sharing and giving lightens each other’s loads. If you are in need and when a person shares with you something helpful, it lifts the burdens off you. This may be in terms of money, material or information.

During this few weeks of blogging, I am thankful that I found some useful blogs that gave tips on how to blog and how to make your blog more interesting. These are really people who share and care and they do it with such interest and passion. I am not a Pro but I am sharing with you what I found. Hehe.

When we share or give, there is a supernatural principal that takes place and when you give, you shall receive. When you give love, you will receive love. When you give joy, you will receive joy, when you want a friend, you must be a friend and when you give to others who are in need, you will receive when you are in need.

Of course when we talk about giving money, it is just so difficult to do it. I struggle in this area too, but how many of us have truly experienced the joy of giving. Giving time to a friend who is in need of someone to talk to him/her.

Let us discover the various way we can share and give, to meet someone else’s needs. Share that joy and give. And we will be thankful with what we have.

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