I Want The World

Recently I went shopping. As I was passing the Kids department, I saw this kid fussing away, pleading and asking the mom to buy him a toy. He was pulling his mother's arm, and when that did not work, he fell on the floor and started rolling.You could tell that the mom was so ambarrassed that she eventually gave in.

How about us? Did we cry, scream, threaten or accuse our boss/parents/God when we want something? Search your heart if you have done the above before.

In life why don't we always get what we want? Is it because we are unlucky, is it because we did not work for it, is it because of fate? Here we take a look at some points that we may ask and check ourselves.

Are You Making Excuses

Have you found yourself making excuses? I once attended a Self Improvement Seminar, the speaker went up on stage and started with this statement "Who wants this 50 dollar note", the whole auditorium packed with 500 over attendees were quiet, finally a lady put up her hands. The speaker continued "Lady come here and take it", she hessitantly got up from her seat, walked to the stage and collected the 50 dollar note. Everyone was in disbelief that the speaker actually gave her the money. WOW!!!

Why did the other 499 participants (including myself), did not lift up our hands, why didn't we go up to the stage to get the money?? Because we did not believe, because we told ourselves that "he is not serious" and there must be a catch. Are you like that?

7 Steps On How To Cope With Changes

Happy New Year to all MT readers. Please forgive me for my absence from blogging. Truly as what they say a “Child changes everything”. In these few months since my last post I have been occupied and coping with a new family member (my son). To sum it up, the experience of being a father is joyful, satisfying, tiring, stressful, humbling and divine.

Both my wife and I are going through changes in our lives, those days where it was just the two of us, going out for dinner, shopping and holiday trips has now taken a backseat while we cope with our new life and schedules. Family and Friends surely made the coping easier with lots of advise and support, really thank God for them.

Do You Have A Friend?

Let us do an exercise. Which friend comes to mind if I were to ask you who is your friend? Now that you have a friend in mind, what are the attributes that he/she has, name them? In most cases you will find that the attributes that they have are usually selfless, kind, generous, supportive, fun and happy, loving, understanding, respects you, accepts you for who you are and there with you when you need them. If however your friend seems to have the opposite of those mentioned, please beware, hehehe, it could be a sign that they are using you. No offense okay, there are many kind of friends and do read on and share some comments if you have an unique friend okay.

Want To Link

I have just posted a new Page. One that honours all MoneyTraits readers and appreciate all who frequently visit MoneyTraits.

As for those who wish to have a link to their Post. Please feel free to check out this page too. Do email to me to put a link to your page. Please make sure that your Blog/Site does not contain sexual, political, individual/personal attack or hate elements.


7-Steps To Achieve Your Goal

Recently I heard of a story of how a ‘Stock Market King’ who made lots of money during the 80’s and suddenly lost all his money as quickly as how he made the fortune. When he started trading shares, he relied on insider information and gut feelings. But somehow after he had made some money, greed took over. This caused him to place more money into stocks without proper research and self control. And soon, due to the slump in market, he lost everything, home, kids and his dreams. Now he roams the streets, homeless. Ever come across stories such as this?

This can happen to any of us, it can be through stocks, bad business ventures, ‘Get-rich-quick' schemes or even because of success itself.

How To Deal With Online Surveys

I started with <Online Surveys> a few months back, dreaming that I will be flooded with lots surveys to fill out every day. But reality is, you will have to wait and login to the <Online Survey company> to check if there are surveys available. And I also found that some companies are rather dormant when it comes to sending or getting surveys for the members to fill out, perhaps they are not very active in getting surveys consistently. So if you are relying on Online Surveys to make a living, please think carefully, but continue reading below to find out how you can still make some part time money.

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