7-Steps To Achieve Your Goal

Recently I heard of a story of how a ‘Stock Market King’ who made lots of money during the 80’s and suddenly lost all his money as quickly as how he made the fortune. When he started trading shares, he relied on insider information and gut feelings. But somehow after he had made some money, greed took over. This caused him to place more money into stocks without proper research and self control. And soon, due to the slump in market, he lost everything, home, kids and his dreams. Now he roams the streets, homeless. Ever come across stories such as this?

This can happen to any of us, it can be through stocks, bad business ventures, ‘Get-rich-quick' schemes or even because of success itself.

You see not everyone knows how to handle success. What is success? Success in simple term means ‘Achieving your goals’. So you might say, ‘I have a goal and a dream’, that is good but what caused you to have that dream, is your dream noble, is your dream self-centered, and what happens after you achieved that dream? (suddenly there is silence). I guess all too often we just have a dream and not think about the long and shorts of having dreams.

1) Having a dream – I remembered when I was young, I did not have a dream. Life was miserable, not because I was suffering or had lots of problems, my problem was, I did not have a dream, I did not have a purpose in life. Needless to say, life was so boring and lonely. At times I did not want to wake up from my sleep because, in my sleep, my dreams were more interesting than life. All this changed when I started to find a new meaning and purpose to life, and then I started to dream. I started to set goals for myself. I asked myself what I wanted in life. Am I going to let life pass me by or am I going to set a goal and tell myself I want to achieve and see it come to past.

Dream dreams, list down what you would like to see it happen in your life. Don’t give yourself excuses first, just dream. Many great inventions starts off like that.

2) Checking your dream – Okay now, let us come back to earth a little, looking at the list of dreams, start asking yourself which are the ones that you can make happen. As for the other dreams, do not strike it out, we want to be able to review those later again. Look for dreams that are challenging yet you can work on. These possible dreams that you have identified are now your ‘GOALS’. And they can be categorized as ‘Long Term Goals’ and ‘Short Term Goals’.

Once again, a reminder, please make sure your dreams and goals are noble, not to destroy, rob, steal. It should not be driven by greed, jealousy and pride. It is not worth it, achieving your dream/goal while creating conflict with others or using them as stepping stone. Your guilty conscience will in the end destroy you. Let your dream and goals be of Love towards others, blessing them and bringing them joy.

3) Working towards your goals – Just like Soccer/Football, we need to know what is our goal, once you know it, you drive your life, thoughts, actions, heart towards the goal and score. Tell yourself it is worth it. If you don’t work towards it, who else will do it for you? Put up reminders (pictures, short goal messages & etc) to realign yourself each day of your goal. Set aside some time to look into your goal. If your goal is to build a successful blog, then make time each day to think of articles to share or to build and expand your skills in blogging.

4) Persistence – Again like soccer, there will be opponents who would want to stop you from scoring. Be persistent, try different ways to score. Part of the fun in working towards your dream is when you face problems and are able to overcome it. Of course provided you do not give up and keep persevering. My mentor said to me, ‘In life there will always be problems, it is what you think of the problem and how you face it that will give you the strength to overcome it’. Of course I am blessed that my Mentor has always been with me through my problems and giving me counsel on how to overcome problems. But He is very careful not to solve the problem for me, He makes sure that I make the effort to solve it on my own.

5) Achieving your dream and maintaining success – Wow, such joy to see that you have achieved your goal and dream. Take sometime to relax and enjoy the moment, you have succeeded. You deserve it. Give yourself a pat, don’t deny yourself self-gratification. If you are not going to encourage yourself, who else will? This will also give you strength to face the next challenge.

After all the celebration and enjoyment, remember that your success needs maintenance. If you do not put constant work in it, it may fail and you may lose it. Everything on earth changes, don’t take for granted that your success will always be with you. Be alert and keep striving to make sure your success stays with you. Make it an attitude, like the ‘Stock Market King’ that I mentioned earlier, his downfall was that he started with a shaky foundation and after success, he introduced bad attitudes of greed and was impatient.

I have also read about how some Celebrities started off humble and gained popularity. But once they had it, they lost track of life and started dabbling with drugs and women. Sadly many popular people in this world forgets where they come from and allow pride to take control of them.

6) Share your dream – If you have success in what you do, remember to share it. The joy is in sharing and giving others the same opportunity of success. Not everyone has the same dream as you, but for those who do, they will thank you and remember you for life, because you were generous to show and guide them to success. What joy it will be for you to give to others freely. The Lord will bless you bountifully and with more, because you please Him.

7) Keep dreaming – Achieving a goal is not the end. Review your list of dreams again and work on another goal. Keep having new dreams. But don’t dream too many dreams until you neglect working on it. Else you will spend your life dreaming but not achieving anything. hehehe.

Have fun and keep dreaming.


  1. Very useful tips!
    Thank you...

  2. very true indeed.we must have a dream first then action. good post derrick.

  3. Just keep dreaming guys. It is the source of life.

  4. thanks for your tips, its very nice


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