Reader's Appreciation and Links (NEW!!)

Though Money Traits started in July 2010, it has received numerous visits and support. Surely this blog would not have made it without all of you. To honour your support, this page is to salute and thank you for all your visits, messages, support and love.

My prayer is that the Lord will bless you with lots of Traffic, Readers, Ideas for new Post, ability to design and loyal fans. Not forgetting that He will grant you good health and success in your life (not referring to your Virtual World life, hehe). Amen.

Dear Readers, I understand how tough it is to have a blog and no one linking to it. Sob Sob, so for all you who would like to have a FREE link to your website. Kindly email me at, giving me a your URL and a short description of your site, I will put in a link once it has been moderated. Thank you.

Money Traits Top 10 Visitors

AboutPikes - Florin Aurel blogs about Pike fish. Everything you need to know that revolves around pikes. I learned so much about Pikes from his blog. Interestingly Florin is MoneyTraits most frequent visitor. Thanks Florin.

DestinyBlogging - When it comes to being motivated and to think right. Jrik Soo has an interesting blog on ways to improve oneself. Do visit his blog to catch a dose of positive attitude.

Angel4Education - This blogs just reminds me of school. Knowledge truly is the essence of success. Angel shares lots of information about information. Interested in learning?

Visit2Bali - Rasni blogs about Bali, a beautiful Island, lots of information about places of interest, Hotel, nice beaches, culture of Bali. Bali happens to be a frequent place for surfers too. Rasni also happens to be MoneyTrait’s first Google Follower and community follower.

FreeFromDirt - My wife will just love this blog. It shares on tips and ways on how to clean your house, computer, carpet, etc… Truly a woman can keep dirt away effectively, as compared to man.

Stress Guide 101 - Key Turious a computer programmer writes on many ways on how to tackle stress. Recognise stress and learn to deal with it here in this blog.

Alexandra's Personal Blog From Sweden -  – Alexandra's blogs about her life and dog. Very interesting, especially for those who would like to know more about Sweden, food, dogs and travel life. Truly a 'Personal Blog from Sweden'.

Free Ebook Tips Homebased Business - Want to find out more about home businesses, especially via the Internet, this blog gives lots of tips including recommended ebooks for reading. Good to check it out.

World Fashion Headquarter -  Need tips on how to dress up , want to know about latest fashion happenings. Check out this blog. It will help you keep up with the trend.

Reader’s Links

B.Moments - A blog by a Photographer enthusiats in Malaysia who does wedding and event shoots. You will find Ben friendly and dependable. He is knowledgible in Food places too.

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