Thought of Gold?

While it seems like you could tell how the Global Economy getting better, you have to rethink again. These are times of uncertainties and its effects can be seen in World currencies and stocks. Look at the Dow Jones and you will see the stock investors sentiments which fluctuates daily or weekly according to the economic reports. So if you are thinking of moving your money into stocks, is it really the best time?

Many have thought of buying physical gold or investing into gold related stocks recently. This is because gold is the last refuge when currency falls or when stocks falls. Gold becomes something that protects the value of your money.

By saving in gold, you will benefit from the risk of sudden currency drop. This is because gold is traded globally and it is not dependent on one single country. It also helps as a hedge against inflation.

I just read a report that recently Vietnamese Dongs has dropped and many Vietnamese are resorting into buying gold to protect their assets. The amount of gold that they are buying may even surpass India and China.

In the long run, if you are thinking of diversifying your investment, consider a certain percentage of your assets in gold. It is bound for increase, but slowly and with some daily of monthly fluctuations of and on. You need to be patient.

Recently many banks have began to offer Gold Savings Account, where you can convert your money into gold (depending on the daily gold price), the more money you put in, the more gold you have. Some banks even allows you to pay an additional fee and withdraw physical gold.

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