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Here is a video clip of Mike Maloney making an address to bankers at the 8th International Banking Forum in Russia. His presentation is easy to understand and gives a good idea of what is happening in the Global Economy.
Michael Maloney, an former Dyslexic sufferer who learned how to invest his acquired family estate (after the Financial Planner he hired made his family's value and portfolio dropped). Aspiring to be a good steward of his family's possesions, he started to learn more about investing. This brought him to discover that history repeats itself and when a currency inflates too much, trouble is coming. He also learned that there are timings when it comes to investing. By authoring a book called 'How to invest in Gold & Silver', he is commits himself to sharing whatever he learns to stay on top of the economy.

Please watch this video with an open mind and judge for yourself if what is spoken is really happening.

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