I Want The World

Recently I went shopping. As I was passing the Kids department, I saw this kid fussing away, pleading and asking the mom to buy him a toy. He was pulling his mother's arm, and when that did not work, he fell on the floor and started rolling.You could tell that the mom was so ambarrassed that she eventually gave in.

How about us? Did we cry, scream, threaten or accuse our boss/parents/God when we want something? Search your heart if you have done the above before.

In life why don't we always get what we want? Is it because we are unlucky, is it because we did not work for it, is it because of fate? Here we take a look at some points that we may ask and check ourselves.

Motive - Firstly before anything else we need to check our motive of wanting something? Always ask if its a 'Need' or a want? A 'Need' is more justified whereas a 'Want' is something that you can really do without. Also be sure that what you need is noble.

Is It Realistic? - Wanting to gain all richness of the world will be unrealistic. When you find yourself wanting something, make sure it is realistic.

Are You Ready To Receive It? - If God were to grant you what you wanted, are you ready to receive it and handle it. For instance a person who wants a high paying job, but it involves being away in a foreign country for 2 years, is he okay with it. Can he handle the chance of lifestyle? Or perhaps a couple who wants a child, are they able to spare time from work and social life to cope with the baby? You may be surprise that most people want something but are not prepared to make necessary changes to handle it.

Responsibility - Another neglected area. I see this quite often. For example, 'He wants a car but does not want to look after it', 'They want a house but does not want to clean and maintaing it', 'He wants a wife, but does want to love her or understand her', 'He wants a high paying job but does not want to do any work'. I think you are familiar with some of the examples I wrote here right. To summarise, if you want something, be sure to take full responsibility for it. Don't expect others to do it for you. If you can't handle it, you taking more than you can chew.

Prioritising - Once you have what you wanted, how will you prioritize it? Will it totally consume your time, money and attention? Whenever you have something new, you should know how to put it into your schedule without affecting other areas of your life as much as possible.

Will You Share It? - Here I am not talking about sharing your wife ok, hehe. But whatever that can be shared or use to bless others, will you be generous to do it?

Will You Work To Attain It? - We have to put in effort to get what we want. If you are not willing to work for it, don't dream about. Everything needs effort. Just like health, you want good health, you have to put in exercise and eat healthily.

Are You Thankful? - I know of some people who are just not thankful, once they have something they want more and they never appreciate what they had. They just seem like a Blackhole who wants to suckup everything. It is so difficult to satisfy them. And of course these people will keep wanting all their lifes.

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