Are You Making Excuses

Have you found yourself making excuses? I once attended a Self Improvement Seminar, the speaker went up on stage and started with this statement "Who wants this 50 dollar note", the whole auditorium packed with 500 over attendees were quiet, finally a lady put up her hands. The speaker continued "Lady come here and take it", she hessitantly got up from her seat, walked to the stage and collected the 50 dollar note. Everyone was in disbelief that the speaker actually gave her the money. WOW!!!

Why did the other 499 participants (including myself), did not lift up our hands, why didn't we go up to the stage to get the money?? Because we did not believe, because we told ourselves that "he is not serious" and there must be a catch. Are you like that?

Excuses stops one from succeeding. I have seen some people who are so negative and keeps giving excuses to everything in life. When they do not have something, they give an excuse that they are born unlucky, when they failed in doing something, they say they are not gifted. I was like that too, when I did not have friends. When I did not have enough money, I made excuses, when I could not complete a task or job, I made excuses, hehe. My life was so limitted, there were so many things that I did not do.

Excuses destroys opportunities. When I was so good at making excuses, I turned down many opportunities to go for trips with friends or even hanging out, I told them I was tired or did not have time. Actually I was sitting at home lonely and in my self pity mode. The funny thing was, I wish to get married and have a family one day, but how will it happen if I do not go out and make some friends. My first step towards my dream was stopped by my very own excuses.

Making excuses is sometimes a habit, you have to break it. Before you say no, think carefully and respond sincerely. If you have watched the show 'Yes Man', where Jim Carrey was always saying no to everything, he made his life so much more interesting when he started saying 'Yes', but of course don't just blindly say 'Yes' to everything.

Faith creates opportunities. My breakthrough in life came when I read this verse one day from the Bible. It says 'I could do all things through Christ who will strengthen me', of course 'all things' refers to things which are right, beneficial and pleasing to God. This verse totally blew excuses out of my life. There were things which I thought could not work, dreams which I thought was not for me, promises which I thought was only for others, now it was possible for me to receive and witness these miracles for myself. Each of us should realise that this promise or gift from God is real and it is there, we just need to reach out and receive it.

Just do it. Don't you feel that it is tiring making excuses after excuses. Sometimes it helps to push yourself to just do something, don't come out with an excuse, just get the thing done. This way you will have progressed a step in life. Observe how others have done it and learn from them. If it worked for them, it may work for you. Keep trying and don't give up, although you may fail.

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