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Since I started blogging (not too long ago), I have found that there are indeed numerous ways of making money from the Internet, and another idea is through blogging. Well I have yet to make any money out of this since I started blogging recently, in fact I am still learning how to do many things with a blog.

So not only does a blog allows you to express yourself, but if you have something interesting to share, does not feel bored typing and like to put little pictures or videos here and there, I think you should give it a try.

Blogging is all about the number of viewers and how you can get them to come back for more. Think about it as starting a little online gallery where you give talks and show pictures, videos, ideas or just simply talking about yourself (even nonsense). I recently heard from a friend about how her colleague earns from blogging by just writing trivial things in her daily life (eg. ‘here is a picture of me drenched by the rain’), huh!!! Guys, it is not a sexy photo of her okay!!

Of course we need to be disciplined and set aside a time to put in some new post regularly. The more post you put, the better chance the Search Engines will find you. Make your articles interesting. Join in some Blog community and share what you have written. Create links to other sites, and they will link back to you, the more inbound links the easier you are detected. So the word, ‘No man is an island’, seems applicable to blogging. Check out some of link on the sidebar for Blogging tips.

Finally, let us all enjoy what we are doing. Let us not blog for the sake of money or popularity but let it be us sharing our interest, reaching out to new friends and leaving a footprint in the virtual world, that speaks about us.

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