Just like your hero

When I was a kid, I had dreams of saving the world like Superman. I will put on a towel (as though a cape), l will walk, talk and pretend to fly around the room like him (of course my parents did not know that I even jump from the table, hoping I would really take off-in the air). He was my mentor and my hero.

In the same way, investment is like that, we should mentor those who have already succeeded. Not that we
must walk like them or talk like them, but we should try to understand and handle investments the way they do. What made them successful was their attitudes towards money.

Choose a mentor carefully. He may or may not know you personally (Superman did not know me! Hehe) But ask yourself if this mentor is a respectable man, is he doing things the right way to achieve his goals, is he an honorable man, is he a man who loves his family, does he give to people who are in need. Ascertain his strengths and weaknesses. Was his initial background before being successful similar to yours?

Once you have found that person, buy books and do an in-depth research on him, find out his ways of thoughts, his style of investment. Take small steps and try to follow his style as much as you can (you may not have his financial capacity to invest). Just like Kung Fu movies, as you mimic your master's moves and styles, you will learn faster without having to make much mistakes. In the end you may not have his success but at least you are closer to success. However you could be more successful than him.

Personally, my current mentor (no not Superman) constantly teaches me that money or profit is not everything, our motive and attitude speaks louder. What is for a man to gain the whole world but loses his honor or principals in life. He said that one day I may make a profit, and on another I may lose it on something else, we cannot have everything or hold on to our possessions forever. The important thing is to be faithful with what we have n live well. “What we do echoes in eternity”…

Know your real motives of investing, are they noble? Are they driven by love for others, to care for them and to provide for them? Or is yr heart driven by jealousy, greed or a need to prove yourself (as the Singaporeans calls it Kiasu). The question of why you are doing it for will drive you far. It will keep you going when things does not go the way you thought. It will give you joy and a sense of purpose even without your millions.

I have read so many blogs that talks about enriching your pocket but find few that talks about enriching your attitude for richness. I hope u r blessed by this sharing.


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  2. You are welcome Amer!!


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