Updated the Giving and Sharing page

Hi friends, finally I have added the Giving and Sharing page, it was empty for awhile now.
In the future I will be updating some of these pages and will let you know when I have done it.

By the way, did you noticed that Gold has hit higher than its old USD1260/oz record? Now it is at 1275/oz. There may be some corrections in a few more days to come, it usually happens like that, but in the long run,
it may hit USD1300/oz end of this year.

There are some news that Japan may be selling more of its USD receives this week. Which means USD may fall a little bit. Do be careful if you are into Forex.

As for the Stocks, Dow Jones were trading sideways. A little bit uneventful. Hold your money, don't move into stocks yet. Do position yourself for something better. For those who have already made some profit from stocks, you may want to liquidate a little and wait until Stocks drop again.

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