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Well, I started out blogging not long ago and I found that it can be a lonely thing. Especially when you put in a Page Click Counter and found that the only one visiting is 'You'. Sob Sob. Every morning you wake up and the first thing you do is check your blog to see if there are new visitors, only to discover that the count has just increase by 1.

So how do we overcome loneliness? How to we get Search Enginees to at least put some indication that you exist in this Virtual World, aarrgghhh. Well there are a few ways.

If you noticed, there are not many followers in my Google. hehe, (please support me in this, add yourself by clicking on this on button located on the right sidebar). And to have visitors clicking it may be hard.

I have found that the easier thing to do is to join a Blog Community. It is here where you find good friends who are just like you. Without a community, you are an island and it is sad. This is how you start. Start by clicking on this - <JOIN MYBLOG COMMUNITY>.

And then follow the instructions, update your profile, put a nice picture of yourself (don't be like me, I still could not find a nice picture of myself, so my Yucca tree is representing me), hehe.'Add your website', and start looking for some friends.

You will find that the members here are very "supportive". They will checkout your website, give you some encouragement. When you have added some friends, message each other and ask for feedbacks. You noticed that I am not so lonely anymore after joining this Blog community. And I am sure the same it is for you.

Myblogcommunity neighbours, thank you so much for your support and visits. You are the best!!!


  1. You are absolutely right! Communities are a great way to interact with other bloggers, and you usually get what you give. It is also a fun way to discover what's going on in peoples lives around the world!

    Just keep on sharing :-)


  2. Hey Alexandra, thanks for following MoneyTraits. You have a good attitude towards blogging eh!! Send my hugs to Lisen.

  3. Hi Derrick, How are you today...I am here to read one of your post & leave you a comment.
    Have a nice day....

  4. Well, physical (as opposed to virtual) interaction with others counts too.. to let others know about your blog :) I've added your URL to my Blogroll and posted a quick note about it. I think i can really learn something from you, bro.

    Keep on! :)

  5. Hi Rasni, thx for visiting again. Very good support from you. Keep in touch.

    Hey Ben, nothing beats face to face, we shall have dinner again next time. You're the man for Blogs, catch up soon.

  6. Hi, I'm following and read your blog..

  7. Chochay, thank you for the support.


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